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SELL! : Master the Art of Sales

SELL! : Master the Art of Sales

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SELL! : Master the Art of Sales

63 pages
47 minutes
Jun 2, 2015


Are you a new salesperson or have you recently started a business? Do you know how to master the art of selling? Look no further than SELL! Master the art of Sales.

Contrary to popular belief, great salespeople are not born that way, just as body builders are not born with muscular bodies. In his book, SELL! Master the art of Sales, star salesman Simon Lofgren guides you through your first steps to becoming a master salesperson.
You will learn how to approach and sell to clients without being intrusive, how to plan and work with goals, and how the sales process works using practical examples of sales scenarios. A thorough understanding of the basics of selling is essential to every salesperson and SELL! Master the art of Sales provides you with the perfect toolkit to get started.

Jun 2, 2015

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Simon Löfgren, born 1990 in Stockholm, Sweden, is a self-taught star salesman who went from a job as a train driver in the Stockholm Metro to being a business owner within a two year period. Simon has always reflected upon the driving forces behind obtaining and maintaining success and regards great entrepreneurs as the most important sources of inspiration for new salespeople and businesspeople today. Simon Says - I have always had a passion for the written word and for passing on knowledge on sales, leadership and entrepreneurship. There are a lot of subjects to explore for new entrepreneurs, but I have always experienced the threshold being too high for a lot of people to obtain the necessary knowledge, which discourages a lot of men and women from becoming self-made businesspeople. The knowledge conveyed to them is too complex, and it should not be that way. Therefor my call as an author is to make knowledge of sales, leadership and entrepreneurship easily available, to inspire more people to pursue their dreams. Simon's official accounts in social media - @simonlofgrenswe -

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SELL! - Simon Lofgren



Life is a continual striving to satisfy a variety of needs. The most basic, such as eating and sleeping, are easy to satisfy and we don’t need to devote much thought to them. But we’re often unaware of other needs until they are brought to life by the power of marketing and sales. When you discover you lack certain items that seem essential – the latest smartphone, a new purse or maybe a yacht – it’s not uncommon to begin to imagine how we can best acquire them. Needs are central in everyone’s life, but we all respond differently when a specific want or need arises. Some of us are spurred on by the idea of a better smartphone, some imagine how others might envy their new purse, while others will revel in the thought of sea breezes and the slap of waves against the hull of a new yacht.

Others are stopped in their tracks by the realisation they can’t afford to satisfy their craving for something. But this should never be an obstacle – it should, instead, awaken the urge to work towards realising that goal. Excellence in sales is my way of making my dreams and goals a reality.

It’s no coincidence that successful people are good salespeople. They know how to demonstrate the value of a product or service. The best salespeople always try to satisfy the requirements of others. They create and add a lasting value to people’s lives. They don’t sell just for the sake of selling. They win the respect of their clients by respecting them and understanding their needs. They know better than to overwhelm clients with a practised sales pitch. It’s not possible to create both mutual respect and client satisfaction by talking them into buying your services against their better judgement. To con people is not selling, it’s fraudulent, which is not sustainable in the long run as frauds are always exposed sooner or later.

Deep down we are all salespeople, even though we are not always aware of it. In our everyday lives we constantly try to convince people around us to do what we want using reasoned arguments and persuasion. Everyday ‘selling’ situations are often simple situations like deciding what to eat for dinner, what film to watch at the cinema, or why we should choose a specific destination over others when planning our holidays.

Mastering the art of sales is most likely a means to a better life for you. The more you sell, the more you can purchase the things you and your family want and hope to achieve. Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, once said, If you are born poor, it’s not your mistake. But if you die poor, it’s definitely your mistake. Sure, you can overcome obstacles, unfortunate circumstances – family breakups or a serious illness – but Bill Gates’ quote has always been an appealing mantra to me. There is no point in trying to convince people that money is irrelevant or that economic and financial success is a shallow ambition.

Our entire civilization has been built by successful people, and in today’s world money is the obvious result of commercial success. Money will continue to change hands regardless. Those who are best at fulfilling the needs of others are those who are making money. This is how money is exchanged in today’s society.

I’m not saying money is the most important thing in life, but it definitely helps very many of us to realise our dream of a better life. We don’t want to worry about not being able to pay our bills. We want to be able to travel the world and buy the things we yearn for. We want to invest our money in projects which make life easier for ourselves and others. We want our professional life to mean more than just making




You certainly don’t have to be born a star to succeed. The most successful salespeople get the same support from their managers and

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