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This is a romantic comedy and the story begins with, Novo, our main character at the club. At the club, he treats both his friend and the women there poorly. His friend, Miles, says enough is enough and decides to take action into his own hands. To do this, Miles calls up an old friend. This old friend deals with witchcraft, and, Miles asks her to cast a real spell upon Novo. Miles wants the spell to make Novo see what life is truly about. So, the spell is cast upon him, and it causes Novo to repeat every situation he messes up, and he messes up a lot.

The spell ends up being a blessing and a curse. It allows Novo to transform into a new person, win the girl of his dreams, become a better friend, and even stop bank robberies. But, there ends up being a few cons to all the pros.
For one, he can’t take the repeating of his mistakes, and because of the spell, he ends up killing his girlfriend's best friend in a hiking accident. The hiking accident causes him to lose the girl of his dreams and his own best friend. Novo then wishes the spell would leave, but it only leaves when the user finds their meaning of life. Novo eventually discovers his meaning of life when he talks to his dead older self in Heaven. After he talks to his older self, he’s flung into the past to have it erased. As his bad past is being erased, a new good future is beginning. He’s then flung into the club scene from before where he gets his second chance with his dream girl and his new life.

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