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Against All Gods: Verdan Chronicles: Volume 5

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Over the course of the first four volumes Verdan has overcome war, massive destruction from the heavens and the rebirth of ancient powers that threaten the fragile peace promised by the Fourth Age. While the Verdan Council attempts to protect the world, a struggle in Izmira occupies many of the kingdom’s heroes. Meanwhile, Celecia and Dakoran agree to help the dwarves reclaim Sharalla. If successful, Celecia plans to continue her journey in an attempt to learn how to control her growing mystic ability.

And while the humans, elves and dragons seek to make sense of this new world, they unwittingly anger many of the gods. Othan presents an ultimatum. Asac unleashes a curse. Jamut and Kezar seek vengeance. While Mermis remains quiet, it is left to Enya, the goddess not heard from in ages to provide vital information and clues for what is yet to come. In Against All Gods heroes and villains will need to overcome obstacles, both mortal and divine.

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