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Agent Hilch: Troll Trouble

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Hilch responds to what he thinks is a simple case of foolish citizens becoming troll food, but things get complicated once he explores the crime scene. With no sign of the trolls in question he has to use every tool at his disposal (and some that aren't) to solve the case. With a no-nonsense approach, and little regard for rules and protocol Hilch goes after the culprits with style in this humorous pseudo-ode to old-school noir detectives.

"A piece of advice that I learned from my grandfather: A man should meet death in his finest suit, and live life in his most comfortable pajamas. He was an odd fellow, not the sort you’d take out anywhere nice. Sure, he always wore a suit, but he also wore an extra-large pair of footy pajamas underneath it. The resulting image just wasn’t the sort that you toted around town bragging about."

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