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Allie is feeling the strain of trying to cope with the realities of dating a Hollywood star, but every time she thinks things are back on the straight and narrow with Sean, the spectre of Savannah Hilton, Sean's stunning and deviously cunning co-star, returns with a vengeance. Can they beat the pseudo-glamour of Hollywood and make it as a couple? Or will Allie be forced to give up her love and return to the UK? Meanwhile, Cait has managed to secure herself a job at the world-renowned Dynamic Studios, but her troubled past continues to haunt her. Tempted by the possibility of developing a friendship with Jack Felton - Hollywood heartthrob and the feature of her fantasies - she's torn, and struggling to comprehend how she can let someone in again when the very man who hurt her is still lurking in the shadows. Can the girls find the happiness they chase, or is Hollywood just a step too far for them?

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