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Aftermath (Book 1 of Aftermath Series)

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The Aftermath series is essentially Book 5 of my Angus the Mage series and assumes readers are familiar with the events and characters from that series. The first book in particular, Aftermath, is heavily reliant upon such knowledge and takes place between the last section of Angst (“An End of Things”) and the epilogue of that book. It centers on what happens in and around Hellsbreath and continues the story of Hobart, Embril, Giorge, and Taro. The events of the second book, I Will Be King, are concurrent with those of Aftermath and will center on the events taking place in Tyrag as King Tyr attempts to reclaim his throne. The third book, The Dwarf Wars, will begin at the same point as the first two and follow Voltari’s efforts to get back home; however, it will also be a prequel about King Urm’s rise to power and the subsequent expansion of his kingdom. The fourth book, Symptata’s Curse, will be a sequel to The Dwarf Wars and a prequel about how Symptata’s curse actually came about.

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