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A Window to Another Dimension: The Art of Orna Ben-Shoshan

A Window to Another Dimension: The Art of Orna Ben-Shoshan

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A Window to Another Dimension: The Art of Orna Ben-Shoshan

226 pages
23 minutes
Sep 22, 2016


Artist Orna Ben-Shoshan demonstrates virtuous well-executed painting skills. Her artwork is created through a long and meticulous process. 
Orna is an autodidact artist that never attained formal art education. Being qualified as a graphic designer and illustrator, she developed her distinct style along many years of painting and experimenting. The decision to become a professional artist occurred to her when she moved to the U.S.A in 1982. 
Her creation gives the viewer a glimpse into a wide scope of events that take place in different dimensions of existence. According to Orna, alternative realities exists parallel to our physical world, from which visions are being channeled into her mind, and all she has to do is transfer them onto the canvas through her artistic technique. 
Every detail in her artwork conveys deep spiritual significance. Her creation emerges from her subconscious and there lies the source of her inspiration. 
The figures depicted in Orna's paintings have innocent tranquil faces. She explains that they arrive from places that are free of any evil or conflict, from utopian realities where spirit governs matter. One of the repeating motives in these characters are their cone-like feet, as Orna explains: "The realm where these figures live has different physical laws than those familiar to us, gravitation there works differently, therefore they do not need feet to stabilize them on the ground. Their movement pattern is somewhere between hopping and floating." 
Orna's artwork has been exhibited in numerous galleries, solo and group exhibitions in the USA, Europe and Israel.

Sep 22, 2016

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A Window to Another Dimension - Orna Ben-Shoshan

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Imagine a world of endless possibilities and open horizons, a life without limitations, a world where the mind is so powerful that it can control matter, where objects and persons are released from the bounds of gravity, moving freely and gracefully in space. There, in distant landscapes bathing in light, mystical figures dance to different sounds, play according to different rules, exist on a higher sphere of being.

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