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Patrick J. Leach Selected Paintings: Volume III - Part II

Patrick J. Leach Selected Paintings: Volume III - Part II

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Patrick J. Leach Selected Paintings: Volume III - Part II

82 pages
3 minutes
Nov 23, 2016


This is the third volume of paintings by artist Patrick J. Leach. It is divided into three parts to accommodate the large file sizes for online publication. I hope you enjoy viewing these works of art as much as I did creating them. Since becoming a painter, this adds a major dimension to my life that I did not even notice was missing before I began.

The beauty of publishing an art book is that
I can allow the paintings to speak for themselves. They
have titles for identification purposes, but in my world
the titles are after thoughts, often scribbled on the back
of canvases when the painting itself is still wet.

However, I am also a writer, and cannot resist
the urge to provide a brief introduction to this work.

I love the process of painting. I love working with
the paint, the brushes, the canvas, and in many of my paintings
the other materials I combine with the paint. I also love going
places and collecting things and ideas to include.

When I paint, I listen to music and tune out
the outside world. I sometimes can achieve almost a
meditative state of concentration, as I am sure most
artists can relate to. Most often I let go of preconceptions
and allow the process to go where it will. I am often
surprised by the final outcome on canvas. I am very
grateful to be an artist.

My artistic work is the product of personal
experimentation, intensive study of other people’s
art, and a genuine desire to be the best artist I am
capable of being. Though well educated, I have made
it a purposeful act to not take classes on how or what
to paint.

As you can imagine, this book covers only a fraction
of the totality of my paintings. Please enjoy.

Nov 23, 2016

Tentang penulis

Patrick J. Leach lives in Portland, Oregon. An artist and a writer, Leach has written professionally for companies and universities. He is co-author with Frances Price Cook of a biography, The life and Art of C.S. Price.In 1995 he abandoned the corporate life, focusing on painting and poetry while earning money caring for neighborhood yards and homes.Leach has published over 16 books of poetry and art, available in print and eBook formats. Watch for more of his books combining his unique blend of poetry and art.Leach studied creative writing (poetry) at Cornell University (B.S. General Studies, 1972), and holds two Masters degrees from Washington State University (Sociology, Education). "I've always considered myself a writer. I've taken many paths, tried a variety of occupations, always returning to writing and art."

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Patrick J. Leach Selected Paintings - Patrick J. Leach

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