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Afternoon Rain: Book 1 of the Tortured Path to Paradise

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I am born to a junkie, whore of a mother; splashing out onto a beer soaked, puke stained pub carpet. I have nothing, I see everything, so with no option, I rob, I steal, I move in with under-aged prostitutes. I become a villain, a murderer, a money launderer. I am a member of a solid, hard crew. The Man has vision, he needs me, I grow as his wealth grows. Inevitable.

But something goes wrong, it always does. I end up in Spain, in Mexico, attracting friends, just the enemies outweigh the friends, by some margin.

Then it goes really wrong and someone screws with my mind and I begin to wonder if it is all as Inevitable as I thought. Maybe there is another way. I do the only thing I can, I fall in love and try to escape the chains of my employer.

Easier said than done, especially when my lover is out for revenge, against me.

When the world seems to have kicked me so hard I have no way to stand up, she comes along, a pretty Christian missionary, more on a mission than Christian. I change, she changes and our daughter changes everything.

Only you cannot live as I have and expect to disappear into the sunset. They need to be free and there is only one way for that to happen, I have to die.

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