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After Dark Box Set: Urban Fantasy Anthologies, #5

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After Dark Box Set – 4 Short Novellas

What would you do if your dreams became REAL?

Jeremy Patten discovers he has a unique power. When others sleep Jeremy is able to enter their dreams, a world where those around him are asleep, and Jeremy is conscious of the world and events around him. He is able to use his power to bring realism to the dream world he enters, seek out and help solve the mysteries around him.

The Story Begins

In the first book of this series, 'The Story Begins' Jeremy discovers his power, and sets out to solve the mystery of a major jewellery heist that occurred in Chicago ten years prior. The short story introduces many of the characters in the series and details his struggle to understand his new found power.

Amidst a tangled web of relationships, Jeremy helps Police solve this long standing crime incriminating one of the real criminals that has been running free.

Chicago Fire

The Great Chicago Fire occurred in June 1980 in Lincoln Square, and three successful businessmen disappeared shortly after leaving their families scratching their heads and resigned to local gossip that the trio had pocketed the insurance monies and moved on.

When Jeremy is summoned by Julie Nancarrow, daughter of one of the wealthy businessmen, he sets out to help solve the puzzle that has haunted the families left without any real clues. Using his unique power Jeremy seeks out those involved. But when he cannot summon the three businessmen at the centre of the mystery he knows that there is much more to the story, and unravels a series of events culminating in an action packed ending.

The Mystery of Highland Manor

It has been many years since Highland Manor has been in the spotlight, something that the local Bed and Breakfast has enjoyed given the spate of murders and disappearances that occurred under the watch of prior owners. But that all suddenly changes when the owners go on holiday and a backpacker is murdered again suggesting that something is not quite right at the Manor.

If Jeremy’s curiosity with the mystery was not already heightened it becomes even more intriguing when a friend of his girlfriend Tara goes missing, having stayed at the Manor only recently too. The Mystery of Highland Manor is an excellent read and Jeremy helps finally bring to an end a mystery that has surrounded the Manor for over sixty years.

Murder on the Adriatic

The fourth book in the series provides no relief for holiday makers Jeremy and his now sweetheart Tara, when a man is suddenly over board on the first day of their cruise of the Adriatic.

Was he thrown overboard? Did he commit suicide and jump, or is there a murderer amongst the guests?  A tangled web of characters and relationships provides a whodunit as Jeremy helps Italian Police solve this intriguing mystery.     



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