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The $200 Start Up

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The $200 Start Up

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“Start up any business for $200 in less than a day”

The Entrepreneurs Guide:

Incorporation Certificate
Employee Identification Number (EIN)
Dun&Bradstreet Number (D-U-N-S)
FedEx Business Account
Government Contract Registration
Create an Alternate Credit File;
and More

This booklet is not intended to be a scholarly academic discourse of literary brilliance, but rather a book that pinpoints and discloses rudimental elements of business start-up and business structure. It is a handbook for you to use throughout the success of your business.
Like every subject in life, discovering elementary principles will give you fundamental intelligence that is capable of catapulting you the top. There are base rules established in the sphere of business that are universal and will work every time. 

The “80-20 principle” substantiates that 80% of business persons do not know the secrets to business success. On the other hand, however,  just 20% of business people know the basics to business success.  More complexing, most business people do not aware fundamental principles of starting or sustaining a successful business. This book reveals principles to starting and structuring a successful business.  A child, before he or she can write words, sentences and paragraphs they have to know the alphabet. This is primary. It also naturally follows that before you can start and run a successful business you have to know the alphabet of business. This too, is “Elementary, my dear Watson.”
This is a first principle handbook on how you can start any business on a low budget. I gave a speech many years ago entitled, "When the naked truth came walking in.” When “Naked Truth" walks into a room all subsequent Truths salute. To understand any subject or discipline one must break that subject down to its elementary principle. Before teaching piano students how to play songs, They should first be taught the 7 notes in a scale. Before teaching students how to read, they should first be taught the alphabet. Before teaching students chemistry, they should first be taught the periodic table. 
This first booklet in a series of booklets uncovers business first principles, reveals elementary business truths and principal facts. First facts are foundational to universal understandings and principle knowledge.  The University of Chicago scientist’s, at the Argonne National laboratory in, Chicago, and scientist at the Vienna Environmental Research Accelerator, in Vienna, are both looking for and trying to establish the building blocks, the elementary particle of everything that is. Many are calling it the quest for the God particle. The scientists are on the mark, in that ultimate success is dependent upon knowing the beginning of everything. When you discover naked truths you are tapping into the mind of God. When you tap into the mind of God you are tapping into truth. When you are tapping into truth you are tapping into success. 
The $200 Start-up is a booklet that sets forth base building blocks that will position you for a successful start up. Mastering foundational principles is the answer to success. Know the principles in this handbook and you will know how to successfully Start up in business fast for under $200.

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