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After the Sunstone

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The poems in "After the Sunstone" focus on themes ranging from gender, identity, memory, motherhood, and faith. Elements from Philippine culture and mythology are used to expand on these various themes.

"As a 'new poet,' Michellan Alagao need not concern herself over accessing first or future images.  Hers brim with potency, retrospective as much as prospective. They fill her verse with striking shapes of discovery, as do the unique insights couched in the natural simplicity of crafting questions dating  to childhood and back -  to  infinity.

Intriguing myths and goddesses inhabit the prose poems. Nothing erratic in the grace notes here; rather are they comforting, and so assuring, of a voice blessed with the bell tone of a fine generational continuum. Her poetry is fey with music." 

- Krip Yuson, Writer and Columnist at Philippine Star

"Michellan Alagao's After the Sunstone fulfills Horace's dulce et utile: revel and revelation in a poet's  hidden life: as we are persuaded, we are moved  in a marvelous clearing within a language both fresh and inventive. In that clearing, where the poetry persists, there  are "words that people long to hear finally spoken." "

- Gémino H.  Abad, Poet and Literary Critic

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