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After Dark: Chicago Fire

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Can Jeremy Patten use his After Dark skills to solve a longstanding mystery that has haunted several families?

Jeremy discovers he has a unique power. When others sleep Jeremy is able to enter their dreams. In the second book in this series, ‘Chicago Fire’ Jeremy uses his power to help solve the great Chicago Fire mystery that has haunted families in Chicago for years. Why would three local well to do business men suddenly disappear and were they really motivated to simply receive the insurance monies and leave the windy city?

There are several suspects and some scared people. But it is people like Julie Nancarrow who just wants closure. She wants to understand why her father Thomas Stevens really decided to leave without a trace.

This short read will leave you guessing until the end as Jeremy visits those involved around the time of the Chicago Fire. A who-dunnit, mystery sci-fi thriller that will keep readers captivated.

This book is the follow up book in the series . After Dark 'The Story Begins.'

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