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After Dark Murder on the Adriatic

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Man overboard? Did businessman Terry Butcher fall, commit suicide or was he murdered?

In this who dunnit Jeremy Patten uses his unusual and unique skills to help Police find the real cause of death. At night when others fall asleep Jeremy is able to enter a world, a dream world. As those around him wander in their dreams Jeremy is conscious of the dark world he has entered. He is able to be both summoned and summon those he seeks out to bring realism to the dream world he has entered.

When Jeremy enters a dream he is able to play out whatever role he wants almost as if he is carrying out his day time life by two; one life by day and one life at night, where in the latter, his body and mind transcends to a new world. Jeremy starts to understand the power he possesses, and in turn learns to manipulate his powers to bring justice and correction in people’s life.

‘Murder on the Adriatic ’, is the fourth book in the After Dark series and follows on from, ‘The Story Begins’, ‘Chicago Fire’ and ‘The Mystery of Highland Manor’. This short read creates a web of suspects and inter-related characters keeping readers in suspense until the very end. Another gripping tale from an up and coming science-fiction author.

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