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After The Fire: A true story of incredible hope

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After unbearable loss ... rebirth.

On the night of March 8, 2011, a terribly fast-moving fire ripped through a humble but happy clapboard farmhouse in a tiny town in central Pennsylvania. When the smoke cleared, seven children, ages nine months to 11 years and all from the same family, were killed in the tragedy.

The unimaginable loss devastated the town, shocked a state and prompted perfect strangers from around the nation, and even the world, to pour out their hearts in thousands of letters and donations to the deeply suffering parents. A funeral featuring seven small, white coffins was simply too much to bear. If no parent should ever have to bury a child, how does anyone bury seven?

This was the question that would haunt a community’s heart. But it was one only the grieving parents could answer.

What happened next was simply amazing. The family, hit so cruelly by fate’s fiercest blow, wouldn’t simply endure, but bloom anew. Theirs is a journey of sorrow slowly sweetened by new joys, tragedy triumphed over by faith, and loss given way to new life. Most of all, it is an inspiring true story of incredible hope.

Note: This E-Book Single contains approximately 10,700 words.

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