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Deep Water

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Deep Water

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Growing up in Montgomery, Alabama, Shakita is one of four children born to her mother and one of seven children born to her father. Her life’s journey is not one for the faint of heart but rather one that could have only been created by God exactly for her. An honest, gritty and transparent memoir, “Deep Water” gives the reader an open door, a sofa, end tables and popcorn into her life as transparently told: one filled with anguish, loss, confusion but also gives way to her victory, freedom and sanity. Through depths of suffering and heights of personal triumphs, her life is told through her eyes. It brings awareness to abuse, emptiness, and life without clear direction and it flings you toward a face to face standoff with realness and morality. Shakita provides concrete proof that there is life after any wave that would cause hurricane force winds in this thing called life.

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