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The Language Of Flowers: Learn Which Flowers can Express Your Feelings Best

The Language Of Flowers: Learn Which Flowers can Express Your Feelings Best

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The Language Of Flowers: Learn Which Flowers can Express Your Feelings Best

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Feb 22, 2017


For many, flowers are just something pretty to look at. But how many people knew that once they were used as a form of communication? In fact, in Victorian England, each flower was associated with a specific emotion, and they were then used as a tool to send messages to loved ones, sometimes even to enemies. When you send a bouquet, to make the gift even more personalized and special, what better way than to ensure you send the type of flowers that portray how you feel. Of course we all know about red roses meaning love, but do you know what yellow roses mean? Or agapanthus? Not only are flowers a form of language; they are also assigned to birth months, astrological signs, and certain anniversaries. And how many women out there know how to choose flowers for a man? Yes, believe it or not, some men do like to receive flowers! But, they have different tastes to women, so it’s useful to know exactly what to send. For those who stress about choosing the right flowers, or think that they know nothing at all about what to pick, this book will give you all the information you could possibly need to send that perfect emotive message.
Here’s a hint of what is included:

Flowers for Love
A Guy’s Guide To Choosing Flowers
Strength, grace and beauty
Grief and sadness
Magic and Mysticism
Myths and Legends
Fidelity and Faithfulness
Anniversaries, Birth Flowers and Astrology.

Feb 22, 2017

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The Language Of Flowers - Vera Bates



The gift of flowers can lift anyone’s spirit in numerous and immeasurable ways. Whether it is from a lover, a friend, a co-worker or a child, they are a beautiful gift to receive. And of course, they can also be given at times of sadness, grief, and loss. What the majority of people don’t know is that flowers were once a form of language, dating back to ancient Turkey, Persia, Japan and Victorian England.

In Turkey in the 1600’s, flowers were each given a symbolism or emotion, and they were used to communicate in a form of secret code. Often this message was between women in the harems who wished to send secret messages back and forth to the object of their affection. This magical language was witnessed by the wife of the English ambassador to Turkey, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, and after her death in 1763, her letters were published and contained within was the outline of the Turkish language of flowers.

In England in the 1800’s, the language and symbolism of flowers became a popular hobby for the women of the time. Many books and guides were created during this time, and almost every household had one. The allure of the flower language was that feelings could be expressed in a whole new way, without the fear or potential embarrassment of being rejected.

This study of the emotional meanings of flowers was given the name floriography. Along with the meanings, flowers were also used as a form of etiquette. If red roses were given to a woman and she was flattered, she would pull out one of the roses and return it to the gentleman. However, if she wanted to reject him, she would give him one of the closed buds. Completely communicated without the need for

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