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Kindle Publishing: 12 Outstanding Lessons About Kindle Publishing on Amazon

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Kindle Publishing: 12 Outstanding Lessons About Kindle Publishing on Amazon

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Kindle publishing on Amazon offers a new, and potentially lucrative, way for authors to sell their work and potentially make a living from it without having to amaze the publishers first. Self publishing is now far more accessible, and available at a fraction of the cost of what it used to be when all publishing was in hard print. But you know all this already; this is why you’re looking at this book. You’re an author, with art to share or wisdom to impart, and are taking your first steps towards publishing your own work. If you buy this book, you will have already avoided one of the pitfalls that many like-minded authors hit early on; namely, not doing your homework!
This book will take you through the process of publishing your EBook on the Amazon Kindle marketplace with 12 essential steps under the headings of:

Getting your Book Ready to Publish
The Nitty Gritty
Promoting the Launch of your EBook
After the Launch
You want to escape the drudgery of that 9 to 5, or those killer shifts you have to work, to pursue a passion or talent that you’ve been nurturing your entire life. In short, you want to make a living do something you love, and playing by your own rules. Buying this book will be a great first step.

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