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The Aedes Plague

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The Aedes Plague

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It was supposed to be the dream vacation of a lifetime for U.S. Marshal Matt Morgan and his wife Suzanne on the largest cruise ship in the world – the Tribute. The weeklong cruise through the Caribbean Islands and Mexico started out perfectly. However, a research scientist conducting biological research on the deadliest viruses and bacteria in the world in a secret government funded BSL-4 lab near the cruise terminal and has a terrible accident. Several experimental mutated viruses and infected animals escape… a deadly epidemic on the U.S. mainland ensues - followed by the passengers and crew on the ship becoming infected after it leaves port. The resulting disease is the deadliest, most contagious and physically destructive pathogen in history. Very few people survive the epidemic that threatens to become a worldwide pandemic.

The Morgan’s escape the illness with a few others, just in the nick of time when the huge ship docks in Cozumel, Mexico. A crazed Syrian madman takes the ship hostage. It all quickly becomes a matter of life and death, as the U.S. Marshal must devise a clever plan to save the remaining officers and passengers before he destroys the ship. Even if it kills him, and he’s running out of time.

Fabulous story, action-packed and thrilling from start to finish.

Interwoven with unique characters, suspense, tension, a unique plot and many surprise twists until the very end - the book is almost impossible to put down.

Deeply engaging and entertaining…you may not ever want to take a vacation cruise ever again!
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