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Intelligent Design: Revelations

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Intelligent Design: Revelations is a science fiction novella that looks at the origins of our existence as a species, and our place in the universe. The story begins on the planet Mars during its apex where the balance between technology and nature is achieved. All is well until the Gemini planetoids between Mars and Jupiter fall out of their orbits and are set for a collision course. Master Architect Janus and his peers set forth a plan to not only preserve as much of their culture as possible, but the majority set out to find their Creator. Over six million years later on planet Earth, Lieutenant Colonel David Farrell is baffled by a conspiracy that not only cuts through the US's security as if it were non-existent, but also defies the laws of nature and the rules of science. FEMA Director Roberta Josephine Riesman's period of mourning her soul mate's sudden death is cut short by an assignment that requires her to spy on an old friend. Thrust in the middle of a mystery that involves the greatest natural disaster encountered by humans, Riesman discovers that the very core of human existence is about to be challenged. Earth is not prepared. Reluctantly, she is confronted with a choice – walk away to live in France with the memories of her paramour, or take the challenge to make a difference.

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