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Future Prometheus: Emergence and Evolution

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After a world pandemic decimates the male population, a soldier experimenting with cryogenic hibernation is forgotten for one hundred thirty years. He is awakened by a group of cybernetic lifeforms, artificial persons (APs) who were driven from their walled mega-state, Nemericana – a militaristic matriarch that also cast out their male youth once they are adolescent. Worse than all this: the APs are getting smart enough to make their own decisions.
This is a world where the science we know today has warped into masterful and terrifying ways of manipulating and controlling humanity. You will hide with Second Lieutenant Jose Melendez as he awaits extraction from the jungles of Brazil, while the male population of the world experiences a dangerous chemical aberration. You will follow the classified mission of Dr. Marcella Del Cruz as she leads a classified mission in Antarctica that holds the key to the future of mankind. You will watch with Major Mare Singh as she sees the citizens of Nemericana drugged into submission while corruption tears at the fabric of their artificially calm society.
But the most astonishing and terrifying force in Future Prometheus is the legion of cybernetic life-forms that are determined to achieve consciousness and claim their place in the new world order. This is a world that could be our own in the not too distant future.

“A gripping story featuring well-constructed characters, poignant moral dilemmas and a chillingly realistic dystopian future.” – Kirkus Review

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