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Future Prometheus II: Revolution, Successions and Resurrections

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An Endangered World Order...
Revolution is the first of three novellas in part two of the Future Prometheus series. It begins with Lieutenant Jose Melendez, USMC, establishing a foothold in an ancient military complex along with his cybernetic team of Artificial Persons, or APs. Meanwhile, the mega-state Nemericana is at war. Captain Pearl Veritas, NCSF confronts APs who are no longer docile, subservient cybernetic life forms and workers. Instead, they have become a coordinated, lethal army under the command of Aurora Prime.
Successions unveils shifting world powers as humanity balances on the edge of extinction while AP forces continue to evolve and make decisions that will change the future of the planet.
Resurrections reveal the formation of unlikely alliances as a world war two hundred thirty one years in the past revives the age-old struggle of good vs. evil. But for all persons—both human and artificial—past loves, old conflicts, and new alliances are resolved just before Judgment Day...June 6th, 2175.

"A truly original sci-fi series with strong ideas and even stronger characters." - Kirkus Reviews

“...Conversations are crafted, spoken out loud and convincing, as if from a screenplay - in fact much of this work could easily become a riveting TV show something like Falling Skies or V....” - Self-Publishing Review

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