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Frommer's Shortcut Milan and the Lakes

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Frommer's Shortcut Milan and the Lakes

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We call this a shortcut” guide because that’s exactly what it is: a very direct take on what’s best in Milan and the Lakes and what can be skipped. Our author Michelle Schoenung is a long-time resident of Milan and she provides a concise but enjoyably erudite introduction to the highlights of this great city: LaScala Opera House, the Last Supper by DaVinci, the world-famed Duomo Cathedral, its magnificent fashion industry on display in elegant glass-fronts up and down elegant boulevards. Icing on the cake: the glorious Lake District of resort hotels and country restaurants near Milan, of which Lake Como is only one of numerous awesome vistas.
This smaller-than-pocket sized book includes:
-Dozens of evocative color photos
-Detailed maps
- Exact pricing, opening hours, and the other important details that will make your trip smoother and less hectic.
-Candid reviews from an author who has visited every hotel, restaurant, attraction, shop and nightspot in the guideand many more!so that you can spend your time in the top ones
-Information for all sorts of travelers from backpackers on a budget to honeymooners looking to splash out.
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