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After Suicide

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After Suicide is Charlotte's personal account of her father's suicide, including before and after the event. This books main purpose is to be a support aid for people in a similar situation, or people wanting to understand more about the effect suicide has, it is not however meant to be a replacement for your doctor's recommendations. This book is help from someone that understands.

In this book, Charlotte will take you through her version of her father's suicide. She reminisces about the time her father fell ill, the timeframe in which her father went missing and the moment his body was found, through to his funeral. Charlotte then follows on to talk about her own experience with her personal recovery and her battle with grief. Charlotte explains how she coped with the utmost honesty, such as the things that helped her through the traumatic event and the things that she wishes she never did. She also talks about some ideas in which she thinks would benefit a person grieving, such as things that she would have done if she could redo it all, though this is merely opinion and not fact.

This is Charlotte's first ever self-published book, a book that may not be of literary perfection but comes straight from the heart and is filled with life in each page.

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