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Against The Clock, and Other Stories

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AGAINST THE CLOCK, AND OTHERS STORIES is a three story collection composed of the works “Against The Clock,” “The Secret Within,” and “Seconds of War.” “Against The Clock” is a realistic fiction that follows a preteen named Max Turner, during a late night struggle to make it to his best friend Charlie’s house ten-miles away by bike. With his pulse racing and his favorite TV show being watched without him can Max endure, overcome, and make it to Charlie’s house before Charlie’s mother locks him out in the cold? “The Secret Within” is a realistic fiction that showcases the strained relationship of George and Lisa when a strange present is left on their doorstep in the middle of the night. A shocking revelation leads them both to rethink the person they married. “Seconds of War” is a fantasy action/adventure excerpt based around Astrony, a boy with the ability to control time, in a world that is similar to the Middle Ages of our world. Suddenly, Astrony’s base is raided by the opposing army. He and his best friend, Troyor, stand idly as the opposing general and estranged father to Astrony, Voltex declares his malicious intent their leader, Voltio.

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