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After Life

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Many of us fear death, likely all of us but let's say that you're immortal. Would you be satisfied then? Isn't that abstraction they call death is what gives life a meaning? What if you knew how your life was going to be, would you change a thing? Have you ever been on that thin line between death and love?

This book is based on a mythological idea, about what's beyond mankind knowledge, it's about the unknown. I prefer mythology because by that you have all freedom in the world to think about any sort of an idea to write about so I chose such imaginary events and characters, anything you read in this book has no offense to others beliefs nor to people whom are similar.

This book contains strong language and dark parts. As every man and woman whom have seen war, lived it and felt it, if others saw that it's over but is it over to them? The ones that have seen the worst of mankind attitudes toward each other, the ones that have known what a man can do to another man, the ones that have witnessed their sons, brothers, sisters, fathers die in a blink of an eyes. If they returned home, the war is over physically but in their minds it's on and still very epic and tougher for them to believe what they have saw. So they lose all they ever dreamed of before the war, just to feel a little bit better.

They die and get buried alone, but what is going to happen to them as they die? Will they find peace? Will they face their fears? Will they find the ones they loved in oblivion?

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