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Against All Odds

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There comes a time in most people's lives when someone you know asks, "Why do you do that, or why do you believe this?" These might be questions you ask yourself, after a traumatic experience. They are good questions to ask occasionally, if for no other reasons than to change a personal practice or grow in understanding.

In Against All Odds I examine the reasons for my belief in the deity of Jesus Christ. There are those who tell me I believe a myth.  Did I come to my belief and to my view of the world without questioning the evidence I had found on which I had based my beliefs?  No, I searched, studied, considered what I had learned and reflected at length on my life's experiences to see if these vaidated what I had believed,

In Against All Odds I describe what I found in my recent research and studies of the lives, beliefs and ministries of the Apostles and other men of whom we read in the New Testament. I asked again, "Could all hese men have believed or knowingly propagated a myth? What did they have to gain?"  Most were eyewitnesses of the accounts found in the Gospels.  Nearly all had been disciples of Jesus of Nazareth.  They had heard him link the Scriptures to their lives and speak of the love of God.  They had seen his compassion for others, had watched him perform unimaginable mirackes and had witnessed his death, resurrection and ascension.  These men willingly gave up all they possessed including their life for him.

What are the odds they all spread a falshood.?  After the mountain of research I conducted, the hours of careful analysis of its details and a fresh examination of my life's experiences, I ask again, "What do my findings lead me safely to conclude?"  

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