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Ultimate Wrap Bracelets: Make 12 Easy, Stylish Bracelets Step-by-Step (Downloadable Material Included)

Ultimate Wrap Bracelets: Make 12 Easy, Stylish Bracelets Step-by-Step (Downloadable Material Included)

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Ultimate Wrap Bracelets: Make 12 Easy, Stylish Bracelets Step-by-Step (Downloadable Material Included)

4.5/5 (2 peringkat)
83 pages
19 minutes
Dec 19, 2013


This wrap bracelets ebook contains everything you need to get started wrapping right away!

Wrap bracelets are one today's hottest jewelry trends. They come in every style, material and length. They can be fun and funky, or can be made to grace your most elegant outfit. There are no rules.

This Ultimate Wrap Bracelets ebook helps you create bracelets featuring different bead sizes and types, as well as different cord materials, so you can discover your favorite styles and components. The downloadable video makes it easy to follow the steps for each bracelet.

This DIY craft ebook includes:
  • A full-color instruction booklet
  • Downloadable video demos
You get all this without breaking the bank! There's lots of room for inventing your own style. Be inspired! Surprise your friends! Open up this ebook for some serious fashion fun!
Dec 19, 2013

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Ultimate Wrap Bracelets - Patrizia Valsecchi


Wrap Bracelets

Make 12 Easy, Stylish Bracelets Step-By-Step

Patrizia Valsecchi

TUTTLE Publishing

Tokyo | Rutland, Vermont | Singapore

This booklet contains all the directions you’ll need to make 12 different wrap bracelet designs, from the most classic, made of leather cord and beads, to the most fancy, made colorful ribbons and lace. All you have to do is get to work and unleash your creative impulse.

Bead quantities and cord lengths prescribed in this manual are based on a 6 3/8 in (16cm) wrist circumference.

NOTE: the accompanying video for each wrap bracelet design presents required

materials and shows the first steps for making the given design. For successive

and finishing steps, please refer to the photographic tutorial on pages 10-21.



Materials and Accessories

Tutorial 1 Your First Double Wrap Bracelet

Tutorial 2 How to Make the Flat Knot

Design 1 The Marrakesh

Design 2 The Carmen

Design 3 The Frangipani

Design 4 The Scheherazade

Design 5 The Grace

Design 6 The Samba

Design 7 The Pocahontas

Design 8 The Bora Bora

Design 9 The Navajo

Design 10 The Acapulco

Design 11 The Camellia

Design 12 The Mozart

How to Download the Bonus Material of this Book.

1. You must have an internet connection.

2. Click the link below or copy paste the URL to your web browser.


For support email us at info@tuttlepublishing.com.


Wearing a bracelet

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  • (5/5)
    This ebook is EXACTLY what I've been looking for to start making bracelets for me & my 2 daughters... annnnnd for my many nieces + their Mommys (aka my sisters♡). 5 STARS!!!!! ☆☆☆☆☆ ... Now, if I could only figure out how to BUY a copy of this book... I'd be even more tickled ;)