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Aftermath's Children: Estrellita Chronicles: Book One

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Originally, the Space Station Estrellita started as a Mars jump off point, but when a wild AI got loose and assisted the human race in its own self annihilation, a few men and women put a plan together to "save" the human race. Estrellita is the home for over four hundred-fifty people, many of whom were born on the Space Station, and many want to go back to Earth. Some do not. With the aging systems aboard the Station beginning to fail, there may be no choice for any of them.

Doctor Ernie Oppenheimer felt responsible for their current predicament, after having been put in charge of the original rescue of the human race. Now, some thirty-plus years later, he was aging and wanted to go back to Earth. The people on this station deserved better than to remain here, eventually to die off. He had been formulating a plan for years and it seemed as good a time as any to implement it. He needed a few allies. Besides, he'd always been good at getting what he wanted. Unknown to Oppenheimer, there was another who had conflicting plans.

Aftermath's Children, Book One of the Estrellita Chronicles begins in space and when the forces of good and innocent meet deranged and evil, someone is going to come out on top and someone must lose.

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