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Christmas Pucks and Kisses: Men of the Ice

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Alternate Captain Alex Gray is a leader on and off the ice for the San Antonio Generals, and his wife Kristin is active in community and the team’s charitable ventures. Together, they’ve become known as the golden couple—happily married, and with two beautiful children, on the surface, they appear to have it all.

Now, as Christmas approaches, the couple that others look to for guidance and advice when things go wrong is having problems of their own. A tragic loss has left Kris depressed and melancholy—feelings that are only exacerbated by the holiday cheer that surrounds her everywhere she goes.

After months of being shut out, and his efforts to cheer up his wife and return the spice to their marriage falling short, Alex is at a loss as to what to do. Can a Hollywood Christmas classic provide the impetus for a bold gesture that will bring joy and laughter back to the Gray household in time for the holiday?

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