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Again, Does God Exist?

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We have a problem.

The evolutionists assert that zoologists and paleontologist have uncovered abundant scientific data, which prove that different species have evolved from simple to more complex life forms and this evolution was dictated by chance and necessity. They therefore, discount the notion of God’s intervention in the creation of the world.

They point to the discovered fossils for the hard evidence while at the same time underplaying (Bucaille, 1982) the gaps that exist in the evolution of the species.

On the other hand, the theists and creationists believe that it is preposterous, against logic, and against scientific reasoning to say that developments and creations in the biosphere are a result of ‘pure’ chance and necessity.

Many have "either this or that" perception when it comes to this debate; that science is based on facts and religion is based on faith. But can we find a common ground between science and religion?

Yes, we can.

In his recent book, "A Force for Good" Daniel Goleman argues that science and religion make the best teammates; while science validates religion, religion can explain what science can't yet explain. .

This book agrees.

The book goes further to argue that there are scientific facts in a particular religious book that it couldn't have come from other than God on account of the limitations in the scientific knowledge of the time.

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