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Age Of Eli: Book 1

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This novel chronicles part I in a science-fictional series spanning 5 decades. This begins in 2001 and fast-forwards to the future in the mid-2020s, when the world experiences a new age of communication with a unifying event connecting everyone and everywhere on Earth. Secrecy is finally disposed of and the world is a safer place. 

Then ushers in the main characters, Eli Novak and Warren Novatec, who grow up as childhood classmates and intellectual prodigies. They attend the same schools in a continued friendship and mutual interests in each other's work. Eli invents a revolutionary A.I. device called QEPU, which implants into our brains. This device promises to give everyone ultra-human abilities. This is concealed from society as Eli is concerned about how this would change the world if released. Warren alters it as a modified A.I. device contained within a serum to use to his advantage.   

In reward for his released serum, Warren inherits boundless influence, and is deemed the savior of humankind. However, time reveals a toxic element in the miracle technology. Eli and his visionary girlfriend, Ambrosine, organize a secret plan to fix what has been done. But are they already too late?  If so, our species will never regain its freedom. . .

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