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Dirty Genes: A Breakthrough Program to Treat the Root Cause of Illness and Optimize Your Health

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Dirty Genes: A Breakthrough Program to Treat the Root Cause of Illness and Optimize Your Health

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Ben Lynch, a leading expert in epigenetics, the study of how genes switch on and off, provides this revolutionary, holistics, and strikingly personalized approach to improving health by making the behavior of your genes more efficient. After suffering for years with a inexplicable health issues, Lynch discovered the root cause of his problems - “dirty genes.”

Genes can be “born dirty” or, perhaps, are merely “acting dirty” in response to a variety of factors like environment, diet, and lifestyle. These rogue genes can cause lifelong, life-threatening, and chronic health problems not limited to cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disorders, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, obesity, cancer, and diabetes. After addressing his own issues, Dr. Lynch used his own experience to successfully help thousands of clients suffering from similar ailments.

In Dirty Genes, Dr. Lynch shows you how to identify and optimize both types of dirty genes. Doing this involved cleaning them up with a targeted, personalized plan, which includes healthy eating, consistent sleeping patterns, relieving stress, environmental detox, and other holistic and natural means.

It is natural to think your genes may doom you, based on your family's genetic history But Dr. Lynch reveals that if you plan ahead, stick to your routines, and address the core roots of the symptoms you can optimize your physical and mental health, essentially rewriting your genetic destiny.
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