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Retribution: The trilogy

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Retribution: The trilogy

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VICTORIA STERLING is a down trodden orphan who is adopted into a readymade family of seven, her father a judge, her mother a soul-sucking tyrant, and seven stuck up siblings. Her life is a rollercoaster of abuse, violence, and degradation until she moves in with NICK, her childhood sweetheart who’s a deranged alcoholic with no boundaries. 

Following a grueling week in a foreign jail, she’s eventually introduced to David Hernandez, a deportation officer, the man who offers her the opportunity to be extradited back to the U.K for sentencing or spend years in a Mexican penitentiary. 

The trial is a whiteknuckle ride of which she is now ready to get off. With an equal combination of detrimental indications against her, and beneficial evidence that she wasn’t entirely to blame for the neighbor’s murder. Victoria is taken to a London woman’s prison and is aware that it is imperative that she keeps her head down and not induce any bother from the other inmates, and fortunately, she possesses an exceptional ability to deflect nonsense, not entice it. All Victoria wants is to serve her time, keep her nose clean, and get out of that loony asylum as soon as she can, but every time this seems possible, something else comes along, trouble will always find this lady, and in many regards, her conditioning becomes an asset when knowing how to deal with it.  These traits give her the edge she needs in the brutality that is her world, and she somehow manages to hold onto her no-nonsense independence and studies every waking moment to pass the bar on her release, with a little assistance from her father. Because of Victoria’s deep abhorrence for the British justice system, she hopes to become a defense barrister, keeping the people of her world out of prison. Because of her retaliatory D.N.A, Victoria finds herself unable to behave and gets up to many psychotic acts, including killing a screw.

Victoria passes the bar with the help of her father and is soon known as the most corrupt barrister ever to protect the streets of London. Her son marries and gives her a beautiful grandson who by the age of four is already showing signs of inheriting her retributive genes and the two of them are inseparable.

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