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After Julian Left

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Hypolite Corrillon views life as a fiasco to share any fleeting pleasures with others without rancour, recrimination or painful regret. This outlook has led him into affairs that do not go without pejorative questioning which, he feels, point more towards misunderstanding on the part of others, rather than cause for self-examination.
One day, disorientated by family and work place issues, some mysterious chicanery leads him to lend his bike to a young woman, Marisha. Later, his wife, Maureen, appears secretive about her activities. At work, he resumes grooming his latest assistant, Kirsten. Despite her erratic past, linkage to his lesbian dental partners and familiarity with his family, her contradictory blunt, passive and flirtatious nature fascinates him. However, his actions cause confusion between them and the essence of their relationship.

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