The Laminate Floor Guide Book: Home Guide Basics Series, #4

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The Laminate Floor Guide Book: Home Guide Basics Series, #4

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Laminate flooring is a trend for home floors that is growing more popular. Laminate floors are beautiful, economical and durable, so they provide a great choice as a floor covering for just about any home. Since manufacturers are continually adding new styles and colors buyers will find literally hundreds of choices when they shop for laminate flooring to install in their home.

Easy to install over many surfaces, laminate floors are easy for the do-it-yourselfer, even if they have little experience installing floors. Ease of maintenance after installation is just another reason to install a laminate floor in your home.

The Laminate Floor Guide Book will provide the basic information they need when shopping for a laminate floor for their home. It is not a detailed installation guide. However, it does relate the tools needed and general installation instructions for most laminate floors. This should help the home dweller decide if they want to install it as a do-it-yourself project or hire a professional. The list of manufactures will aid in laminate floor buying as well.

The Home Guide Basics Series of books will explain the basic operation, options and systems of many appliances used in the home. The series will include books on rechargeable batteries, tankless water heaters, robotic vacuum cleaners, laminate floors, radiant heat, solar power, alternate energy sources, water filtration, solar garden equipment and more.

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