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The Classic Palmer

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A portrait of legendary golfer Arnold Palmer from a New York Times–bestselling sportswriter, with numerous photos included.
Over a career spanning more than half a century, Arnold Palmer amassed an astounding record of ninety-two worldwide titles, four Masters championships, a US Open crown, and back-to-back British Open victories, truly earning his nickname “the King”—as well as a legion of loyal fans who came to be known as “Arnie’s Army.” He exuded a charisma that America loved—and even had a drink named after him.
In this chronicle of one of the greatest players ever to swing a club, renowned sportswriter John Feinstein provides a vivid biographical portrait of golf’s most beloved icon. Accompanied by Walter Iooss’s superb photographs, The Classic Palmer lets golf lovers travel with Palmer on his journey from amateur to pro, from pro to master, and from master to legend.

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