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THE DRAWINGS OF LEONARDO DA VINCI - 49 pen and ink sketches and studies by the Master

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THE DRAWINGS OF LEONARDO DA VINCI - 49 pen and ink sketches and studies by the Master

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This volume is intended for all art-lovers and students of art anywhere in the world. Words are not required to describe the beauty of these drawings, their splendour speaks volumes instead.

Herein you will find 49 pen and ink illustrations by the Master of all artists - Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519), including a self portrait. A comprehensive introduction to this volume is provided by Charles Lewis Hind founder and editor of The Studio: An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art  and was later editor of The Academy.

The illustrations in this volume are:
Profile Of A Warrior
Portrait Of Isabella d’Este
Study Of An Old Man
Study Of Draperies For Kneeling Figures
Study Of A Bacchus
Head Of A Man
Battle Between Horsemen And Monsters
Woman Seated On Ground And Child Kneeling
Studies Of Heads
Youth On Horseback
Studies For The Equestrian Statue Of Francesco Sforza
The Virgin, St. Anne And Infant
Studies Of Children
The Combat
Study For A Madonna
Studies For "The Holy Family"
Studies For "The Last Supper"
Courtyard Of A Cannon-Foundry
Study Of The Head Of An Apostle
Study For Background Of "The Adoration Of The Magi"
Study Of Landscape
Study Of A Tree
Two Heads Caricatures
St. John The Baptist
The Head Of Christ
Head Of An Angel
Study Of A Man's Head
Studies Of Hands
Dragon Fighting With A Lion
Man Kneeling
Portrait Study
Studies Of Animals
Portrait Of Leonardo, By Himself
Six Heads Of Men And A Bust Of A Woman
Study Of A Head
The St. Anne Cartoon
Studies Of Horses
Heads Of A Woman And A Child
Study Of Drapery For A Kneeling Figure
Knight In Armour
Study Of A Youthful Head
Study For "Leda"
Head Of An Old Man
Study Of A Head
Study Of The Head Of St. Philip For "The Last Supper"
Study Of Drapery
Girl's Head
Studies Of A Satyr With A Lion

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