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Unusual Healings Personal Reflection Guide: Unusual Gospel for Unusual People - Studies from the Book of John

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In the Gospel According to John, Jesus never tells people that they are healed. He never says, “Your faith has made you well.” He never spits on the ground to make mud nor lays his hands on anyone nor notices anyone laying hands on him. And yet, he heals no fewer than five people over the course of the Gospel. How can this be? How can Jesus heal people without speaking a word of healing or letting them know that they are healed? And how do the healings speak to the lives of contemporary Christians?

Each session opens begins with an opening prayer, followed by the text of the day being read aloud. The group will enjoy a 5-7 minute video where Adam shares his thought on the Scripture and its "unusual" focus. The group will spend time discussing focus and the session will close with prayer.

The new and exciting aspect of this particular Bible study series is the blending of traditional weekly Sunday school with modern, daily-delivered digital content, which will keep readers connected with the material throughout the week. Between the daily communication and the group gatherings, participants will immerse themselves in the Good News.

This book will help participants reflect on ideas encountered in DVD, daily emails and during group discussion in order to nurture their relationship with God and growth in faith.

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