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Unveiled [Torn Series]

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They say that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. That the sins of our fathers and mothers always came back to their children, completing a full circle.  

Karma was something I was skeptical about and yet here I am, wondering if will have a better fate than my mother ever did.  

I'm vivacious and quite the vindictive spirited woman. I once vowed never to bow down to a man... until Dimitris Kosta came along, breaking every barrier I had surrounded myself until I was stripped, bare-faced and exposed. He saw my beauty, my ugliness and the black heart I carried heavily inside me. I expected him to run yet he did the opposite. You see, this beautiful Greek man fell for me and yet I intentionally scarred him and broke his heart into smithereens.  

And even though I had mended and nurtured his heart, the fact remained the same...  

That I was still my mother's daughter.

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