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Avoiding mistakes that most Entrepreneurs make

Avoiding mistakes that most Entrepreneurs make

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Avoiding mistakes that most Entrepreneurs make

203 pages
1 hour
Jul 2, 2018


"Avoiding mistakes that most Entrepreneurs make" is a great starting point for entrepreneurs to understand if their vision will translate into sales and a successful business. With so much uncertainty in the marketplace, how can a new product or service stand a chance? Fear not: by following steps outlined in this know-how guide of creating, managing and growing a business, you will not only understand how to make your business continuously profitable, you will also understand how to build sustainable business enterprises in the process.

"Avoiding mistakes that most Entrepreneurs make" takes readers through stages of business process, from formulating a business idea to testing it to making money out of it.

"Avoiding mistakes that most Entrepreneurs make" is a know-how self-guide that highlights the problems and challenges caused by a bad business process. Increased demands on customer service, decreased customer satisfaction, and a drop in business reputation can all arise from a bad process. This self-help guide explains how a business can identify a problem and provide a solution before the problem affects profitability. 

 "Avoiding mistakes that most Entrepreneurs make" will help enhance the reader's ability to navigate the maize field of business challenges and opportunities that often present themselves in the economic world.  This ingenious self-help guide is just the thing to help entrepreneurs sharpen their basic business skills and improve their financial acumen in this ever changing economic world. 

"Avoiding mistakes that most Entrepreneurs make" is full of personal experiences and of customers that the author interacted with and provides guidelines from which to draw lessons regarding the universal challenges that entrepreneurs face in establishing, managing and growing their businesses. These universal challenges are multifaceted as such require multipronged approach strategies.

"Avoiding mistakes that most Entrepreneurs make" is a self-help guide that offers readers practical advice on how to go about ensuring the successful establishment and maintenance of sustainable profitable businesses. It is a useful guide to those who would like to learn from others so that they do not commit the same mistakes that others did and are continuing to make.

Jul 2, 2018

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JB Malatji (Basi) is passionate about people and their success in life and motivated by those who remain humble in the mist of thunderous successes. He is also inspired by the resilient nature of the human spirit, potent with power unimaginable to achieve things that even those possessing it cannot begin to fathom. JB Malatji writes from his many years of experience in guiding businesses and consulting with entrepreneurs seeking to set up businesses. This exposure and experience gives him the ‘voice’ of authority and makes one to take note of his opinions and comments. He shares with readers his experiences and know-how acquired from his positions as a manager, a leader, a consultant, an entrepreneur, and an author. JB Malatji is a married father of two, an author, a consultant, a philanthropist, and an entrepreneur. His passion is on seeing others empowered and effective in pursuing their financial and management success. JB Malatji strongly believes that true education empowers people to think independently and critically and helps them to perform according to their God given potential. Everything he writes about is connected to the development and empowerment of an individual relating to character development, entrepreneurial development and personal financial independence JB Malatji’s passion extends to junior managers development and he is currently working on a model for this course. He is an MBA graduate with 17 years banking experience served with 3 major South African Banks at different management levels. He is experienced in training and development and management. JB Malatji has written and published three books that are full of personal experiences, and of customers that he interacted with and provide guidelines from which to draw lessons regarding the universal challenges regarding personal finances, entrepreneurial & business development, management development and character development.

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Avoiding mistakes that most Entrepreneurs make - JB Malatji




JB Malatji


Copyright © by JB Malatji 2016


First published in South Africa by JB Malatji.

©All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the copyright holder.

Published by:

JB Malatji,

PO Box 1620 Brits 0250 South Africa

Email: info.dinatla@gmail.com

Printed by

POD Printers


Clive Thompson –

International Professional Book Designer https://www.getclive.com

email: cliveleet@mweb.co.za 083 761 0698 cell

031 207 4884 studio




To all entrepreneurs who own or are seriously considering  starting  and  expanding  their businesses, you are guided and enabled to take courage in unpacking processes in each step of setting up, establishing, developing, managing and growing a business in a simple

and understandable manner.





To my wife, Aletta, for an incredible person and a wonderful friend that you are.

Theophilus and Tshepiso

for being my motivation and inspiration. To my siblings who have always been supportive, thank you.

Clive Thompson

for the wonderful, creative work and thought you have put into this book to make it a masterpiece – thank you.




Agood job is first of all the one that one enjoys doing. Secondly and most important it is the one that impacts positively on the lives of others. We all have the potential to be great, we are born with it. This potential for greatness comes with the desire to leave a mark on this world no matter the degree of its impact.

Happiness is pursued by choosing empowering paths that lead to the realization of dreams. Empowering paths are determined by carefully sifting and analysing stimuli in the environment and picking only those things that add value to your course. True happiness comes from living your dream, waking up every morning and doing what you have always dreamed of doing. Anything else has the potential to make you live a miserable and unfulfilled life – a place you don’t want to be.

The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all facts that are not acted upon. I must hasten to mention that it is only dreams that are pinned on a bull-dog determination, knowledge, skills, positive attitude, and readiness to act that stand a chance of being fulfilled. It is equally important to note that it is only the amount of knowledge that is acquired and assimilated that determines one’s degree of wisdom.

When you’re still trying to prove yourself in any career or line of business, you will spend most of your time trying to make people understand what you are all about. However, when you’ve made it, people will make it their business to understand you.

What do you love and enjoy about your current job? How can you make it even more interesting?








Chapter 1

How it all started.......................9

Chapter 2

Finding your business idea........13

Chapter 3

Establishing your business........21

Chapter 4

Planning your business..............29

Chapter 5

Managing your business............41

Chapter 6

Growing your business..............59

Chapter 7


Chapter 8

Responsible Entrepreneurship...72

Chapter 9

Other types of Businesses.........74


Other Books by the Author................81

Author Biography..............................82





How it all started

It is the truth at the highest level that the prosperity of each country depends upon the personal financial prosperity of each of its people. Without the majority of the populations in each country meaningfully participating and benefiting from their local economies, it will be almost impossible to see a drastic reduction in illiteracy and unemployment which are the root cause of poverty. Take stock of your talents, abilities and skills. How are you utilizing your talents and skills for your advancement in life? How are other people benefiting from

these skills?

Lack of political will to seriously address illiteracy which has a direct effect on unemployment that ultimately leads to poverty, is making the situation worse. The gap between the rich and the poor is growing at an alarming rate and if nothing is done today, these countries may lose sight of their vision of a better life for all of their people.

There is hope. Most of the developing countries of the world fought tirelessly for their political freedoms. If they can resuscitate the energy, power and passion they used to disarm



and dethrone colonialism, harness and channel it to fighting illiteracy and unemployment, then there is no way they can fail to reduce poverty.

We can learn from the past but cannot relive it. If all cultures of the nations of the world can, to a larger degree, embrace and embed pro-entrepreneurial values, then these cultures can serve as incubators in the entrepreneurial initiation process. What valuable lessons have you learned from your attempts of creating additional income generating streams?

The cultivation of the entrepreneurial culture early in children’s lives will go a long way. Every country and nation needs economic activists in the form of ‘patriotic entrepreneurs’ to change their socio-economic conditions for the better. This is, in my opinion, the only route available for individuals to take if they are to achieve any meaningful economic emancipation.

I agree with Prof (Professor) Kroon (1) that SMMEs (small, medium, and micro enterprises) have unique qualities which enable them to create and provide job opportunities. SMMEs are able to stimulate innovation and fulfil an extremely important socio-economic role far easier than big businesses. The spirit of entrepreneurship is the source of all we can become – prospering nations. It is also the saving grace of our democratic dispensation and the hope of the poor.

The starting point of individual achievement is the adoption of a definite purpose and a definite plan for its attainment.

There are many advantages for starting your own business. Firstly, you wake up every morning doing what you have always wanted to do. Fulfilment is the first reward. Secondly, you have

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