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Travel: The Ultimate Budget Travel Guide for Students to make Every Destination a Wild Lifetime Adventure for under $30 a day

Travel: The Ultimate Budget Travel Guide for Students to make Every Destination a Wild Lifetime Adventure for under $30 a day

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Travel: The Ultimate Budget Travel Guide for Students to make Every Destination a Wild Lifetime Adventure for under $30 a day

115 pages
1 hour
Jul 13, 2016


The Universal Guide to Student Travel on a Budget
This book provides a practical guide to traveling the world while as a student. If you are planning on taking a break year or doing a study abroad / work abroad program, this book provides you with all the tools you need. It serves as a universal guide for traveling around the world on a low budget. The mainstream travel industry is geared towards short term vacations for young couples and rich retirees. The most expensive hotels, resorts and restaurants are advertised everywhere. Even with the best deals that you get on these luxuries, it is still an expensive proposition in the long term. The focus of this book is on how to travel the world in a way that keeps you healthy, gets you a better cultural experience and doesn't break your budget. You can learn how to travel cheaply around the globe, eat healthy, exercise and live in affordable accommodations. It helps you live like the locals and truly understand the culture of the place you are staying in. This book is not only for students; it can be used by anyone looking at affordable means to sustain long term travel.

  • The different ways to travel the globe as a student
  • Free student travel options
  • The long term benefits of student travel
  • Low budget transportation options in different parts of the world
  • Low budget travel insurance that cover you globally
  • Cheap/Free Student Travel accommodation options across the globe
  • Ways to cook healthy and exercise on a regular basis while traveling; so as to stay fit and healthy over a long period of time.
  • The vacation destinations around the globe that give you the best value for money.
  • How to use online resources to learn from the growing community of global student travelers.
  • Safety precautions to take while traveling around the globe.

What differentiates this from other travel books is it helps you the get the most out of your travel. Most similar travel books focus only on the budget options available at every step. The author focuses on making sure you have a great overall experience, showing you how to stay fit and healthy, and connect with the local community.
Start your journey around the world by downloading "College Nomad: A Universal Guide to Student Travel on a Budget"
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"This book takes an unusual approach to travel for the contemporary student and is up-to-the-minute in its coverage. For instance, it covers software you can use to avoid your use of the Internet being tracked on cloud servers and a number of useful apps for your smartphone (when I was a student there were hardly any mobile phones, let alone smartphones!), such as Packing Pro (which allows you to organise lists of what to take on a trip).." Mark Logie

"I was surprised to find so much useful information in a book this size. It is well written and easy to read. References included with links to more details." Sydney W. Frost
"Excellent information for those looking to travel abroad. Not just for students, this universal guide is a must read for every traveler! Congrats, Abhishek on a well-written expert guide." Gina111

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Jul 13, 2016

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Travel - Abhishek Kumar


Once I start making the big bucks, I’m going to travel the world and live it big! This is what my friend Jose told me as we were finishing up our calculus homework one evening in an Atlanta dorm. We were in our first year in college and very excited about the opportunities that existed within the campus for education and fun. There was a slew of social student organizations, fraternities, sports clubs, housing authorities and academic clubs to keep one busy during the four to six years of undergraduate life. However, I noticed that not many students took full advantage of global opportunities afforded to them during college; the reasons for this involved fear of estimated travel costs and time.

For generations, the concept of travel has been linked with the idea of the overworked getting away for a while. After working hard day after day, the poor soul finally takes a trip to Hawaii for a weekend of blue water beaches and beautiful sunsets. Or we think of the happy retired couple taking a month-long adventure to India. The hotel industry, airline industry and other aspects of the hospitality industry have been built around the need for people to relax after work or after retirement. Enjoying the sights and sounds is more important than saving money. Instant gratification assumes greater significance than the need for a long-term plan of travel. A $1000 weekend getaway to San Francisco or a $10,000 month-long trip to China is all worth it. After all, this is what money is saved for, right?

Modern day travel has another dimension, especially for students. These are students looking to get more global exposure by working or studying abroad. These are also people who have a gap year after college or between jobs. Month-long and yearlong vacations are becoming more common. From my personal experience, it is very important to travel around the world early in your life. It gives you a global perspective on life and a global perspective on your field of work, and it offers you a wider array of experiences and a better idea of what you want to do after graduation. Having lived in four continents and traveled to 27 different countries, I realized that not only is travel important but it is very possible for every single person to afford. Traveling as a student is especially important as it opens your mind to different global perspectives at an early stage in your career when you have more choices. It also leads to greater inter-cultural understanding, which is a trait many employers value in the modern workplace. Keeping costs of travel low is extremely important for students and for those who are on long-term travel, away from their jobs.

Congratulations for downloading this booklet! I have made every effort to summarize as much information in as little space as possible. I believe in the importance of concise information; I don’t want to bore you and cause you to drop this guide before you have reached the end. The information I have for you is most beneficial for novice travelers, but I expect everyone to get significant value from this booklet. You can use it as a reference long after you read it.

This booklet is full of tips and tricks on how to save money while traveling. I used these same tips as I traveled throughout Europe, South America, Asia and North America. This information is not only for students—anyone interested in long-term budget travel will benefit from reading this booklet. Being from a culture that values thrift, I have taken great pride in ensuring that I can always find the best value for money. I hope to encourage more travel and more inter-cultural understanding, making this world a much smaller place to live in.

The Benefits of Travel

It’s hard to describe the benefits of long-term travel if you have never embarked on such an adventure. Travel definitely changes you as a person, but it’s not a noticeable change, like the change you experience after going through a workout program for three months. The change in you is seen in how you deal with situations around you. Let’s look at a few situations and examine how two different people responded to them. Student A has just graduated. During his college experience, he completed one study-abroad program, one work-abroad program and he also traveled to another country for vacation. Then look at Student B: He has also just graduated, but he has never left his home country.

Situation: Both students get a job in a company. A couple of new coworkers join the company who are of a different ethnicity. They are not fluent in English and struggle to communicate.

Student A thinks: They’re probably from another country where English is not spoken, and are trying to learn the language. From personal experience of living in a foreign culture, I know that it is a difficult transition and can take up to 6 months to be fluent in the local language.

Student B thinks: Why can’t they learn how to speak English properly before they get here? I hope I don’t have to work with these guys. It seems like too much of a pain to communicate with them.

Result: Student A will obviously get along with

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