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About the Book

Introduction: Timing is Everything Romy recounts various past-lives she may have had. The conflicting responses to the idea of reincarnation is addressed.

Chapter 1: Opposition Romy has always been contrary so she feels ideas in this book are quite consistent with her personality.

Chapter 2: Perchance to Dream The nature of certain dreams ability to unlock the mystery of a past life is dealt with.

Chapter 3: Together - How we remain with the same groups of people.

Chapter 4: A Very Brief History of Reincarnation A history of reincarnation is presented.

Chapter 5: Chances Opportunities to develop and explore various circumstances are written about.

Chapter 6: Curious Occupation Various interests that Romy had are investigated.

Chapter 7: Readings some psychic readings Romy gave are offered.

Chapter 8: Light an exercise and meditation is made available.

Chapter 9: Distance from death or the other side to cell-phones, the concept of distance is regarded.

Chapter 10: Species-Jewelry A brand new term, which is the title of this

Chapter, is coined. Resonating with our species is considered.

Chapter 11: Shifts and Fluctuations How does one deal with change?

Chapter 12: A Matter of Bodies Do we choose the body we have?

Chapter 13: The Space Between Where do we go between lives?

Chapter 14: Time A complete re-visioning of the flow of time.

Chapter 15: Knowledge and Lessons Lessons gained from Life and their import.

Chapter 16: What? The nature of questioning and questions is examined.

Epilogue: About A summary of the book and a summing up of many meanings.

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