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Finding a Way to the Top: Career Moves for Success

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Finding a Way to the Top: Career Moves for Success

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Many people will fail at their
first and second attempts to be successful in a corporation, not because they
lack the academic skills or the technical know-how.style='mso-spacerun:yes'> They will fail because they lack the
knowledge and experience to deal with the discipline of corporate culture.

Black, Hispanic, and Asian women
and men are more visible than ever on the corporate ladder, yet they often find
that it takes more than talent and ambition to climb to the top.

This step-by-step guide in
paperback tells you what you need to know to not only survive, but to thrive
in todays job market.

In that position, Mr. Cameron
served such clients as Columbia Pictures, Mobile Oil, and the Government of
Bermuda. Mr. Cameron has published a
number of articles on profit and nonprofit management.

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