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After Revelations: The Revenger

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There is no darkness too bleak.

For if there lurks evil,

I will find and vanquish it.

I am the Revenger of God.

I exact my purpose with all vengeance.

Eden has always been a peaceful, safe, godly place to live and to raise a family. Thats the foundation of hope for Dragoncyth and his new bride, Draeneen. When circumstances beyond their control and comprehension uproot everything they hold dear, however, they must choose to be either victims of fateor heroes who change history.

The couple embarks on an epic journey to save themselves and all of Eden from annihilation and satanic rule. They both must come to terms with the consequences of their actions and learn to adapt to a new life for which neither of them is prepared. Evil beyond comprehension lurks, and it does not care about the dreams and ambitions of newlyweds or champions. Gelnash, the voice of reason and a pillar of their community, has pledged to guide Dragoncyth through his terror and uncertainty. If anyone can help prepare the young bridegroom for his destiny, it is Gelnash. Battles await him, with creatures more terrible and dangerous than his imagination can conjure, and Dragoncyth will need every ounce of his bravery to survive. Luckily for him, Draeneen is at his side. With what courage they can muster, Dragoncyth and Draeneen build a troop of allies to save their world. But will their valor be enough to turn the tide?

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