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Set in the rich landscapes of southern France and New York, AFTERMATH is a story of love and loss and the redemption of a man who suddenly finds himself untethered in the midst of a perilous and unpredictable world.

Middle-aged newspaper man, John Parrish, is heading down a strange road into a life no longer his own. After surviving a particularly messy and malicious divorce, John is forced from his position as Senior Editor of World News at the New York Sentinel. Suddenly, his life is spiraling out of control.

John knows he must reinvent himself in order to endure the tumultuous events that have overtaken his life. But first, defying caution, he decides a little vacuous living is just what he needs before getting on with life. His plans of leisurely traveling through France alone, change suddenly when he meets novelist, Olivia Moreau, widow of notorious French industrialist, Jacques Moreauwho, even in death, seems to have his enemies. John and Olivia begin a passionate affair and travel the wine country together. But in Marseille, John awakens one morning and discovers Olivia is missing.

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