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After the Benediction

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Huffing, puffing, and cussing..why are you acting this way and you just left church?

Are you the same person after church that you are during worship service?

After the Benediction is a reality-based effective tool addressing challenges that many Christians face today such as controlling in-laws, hellacious bosses, pretentious pastors, dysfunctional families, illnesses, financial ruin and the most gratifying temptation of all.flesh. This compelling and unique book offers victory, strength and salvation to overcome those challenges. Although the journey of life is sometimes unpredictable, believers must know an abundant, victorious, peaceful life is a reality.

This extraordinary book opens with a preface that is all too familiar. "Saturday-Night Special" has a sultry, provocativestoryline with opposing influences of good and evil. The decisions we make are not necessarily based on our moral conduct or religious heart ties. Sometimes we do what we like because it feels good and then comes the guilt.Each chapter thereafter makes verbal contribution so that the reader can be inspired because God is not like man. He does not engage in one night relationships. His love is so everlasting; you can call him the morning after.

Christians experience empowerment for approximately 2 hours on Sunday. Upon their departure from service, sin approaches in all forms to discredit the word of God. Once the doors are closed, there is a real devil desiring to tear believers apart. Therefore, truth and knowledge are needed to guide individuals from remaining cemented in the problem to seeking answers.

Therefore, nonbelievers can truly benefit because salvation is offered. Believers are balanced,bless and empowered because the power and glory of God is available After the Benediction.

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