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Spice Alchemy

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Spice Alchemy

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Spice Alchemy - conjure up explosive flavors that'll blow your friends & family away!

Ever wondered why restaurant meals and takeaways taste so fantastic? Sure, they're trained chefs, but - wouldn't YOU like to cook recipes just like theirs? Well, get ready to impress everyone when you tell them you cooked these yourself!

In Spice Alchemy you'll learn how to make your own spice mixes - just like those used by the pros. And you'll learn how to use them with recipe examples.

And if you're after that British Indian Restaurant (BIR) curry taste, or an authentic Chinese takeaway style curry, it's all here - in Spice Alchemy.

More about the Basics & the Principles than a traditional cookbook, Spice Alchemy will teach you about:

Mix Powders Base Gravy for BIR curries How to get a real Chinese Takeaway taste to your Chinese curry sauce That secret ingredient (shhhhhh!) to launch your chili con carne flavors to the stratosphere And much, much MORE...

***Buy your copy today and start sizzling with awesomeness! Everyone's tastebuds will love you for it.

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