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After the End: The Rebirth

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After the end of the world, the planet was born again, starting from small microorganisms until the creation of complex creatures, like men and dinosaurs. In their new organic structure, human beings have become dependent on the flesh for food, and they search for it in beasts, as they call what we now call dinosaurs.

Rangel Connor is a military man on his first hunt in the wilderness territory. However, the onslaught in search of precious meat is thwarted by a violent attack of the animals. Rangel stays behind, but against all expectations, is not devoured by the monsters, but taken care by one of them. 

Alongside the dinosaurs, Rangel will discover the true value of a friendship and how vicious and vile the human mind can be in its delusions of grandeur.

A story about men, dinosaurs and the true nature of homo sapiens.

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