Understanding Psychotic Chasers

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Understanding Psychotic Chasers

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As an aspiring individual brimming with optimism towards life with your own rosy and sunny aspirations, it would probably be beneficial to avoid certain pitfalls through building an understanding of some of the dangerous, anti-social behavior patterns that you may be subjected to without even realizing that they are so, unless you build the needed discernment.

I wish to state that the objective of this book to present real life experiences that author is personally aware about. Such experiences may or may not happen to you in person or to others, because the social conscientious and behaviors undergo transformations and mutations from time to time.

The author simply wishes to build an awareness that such behaviors are possible, that they are not imaginary, that they need to be countered as they threaten survival and dignity of aspiring ones who are not deemed "suitable" because of malignant , pre-conceived biases or prejudices based on several other forms of convenient arrangements that are designed to promote select few and suffocate the rest, while hiding these real motives from the suffocated through creation of hallucinatory behavioral facades.

At the same time, this book is not meant to offend any section or class of society based on race, gender, class/caste, income levels, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or any other existing or newly forming segment. The examples provided were chosen simply because the corresponding concrete data or referenceable sources were available.

Use of data from populations of a particular nation, or class of society is used for illustration purposes only and does not indicate that the issues or indications are restricted only to that country or state, or demographic, or race or gender and other categories as applicable.

I hope you enjoy reading this book.

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